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Conduct Mock Interviews

Just like any other skill, being interviewed for a job is something that students need to practice. Many schools offer students the opportunity to practice with teachers or counselors, but nothing comes close to the feedback that actual employers can offer. That is where you can help, and who knows? You may be mock interviewing your next actual hire.

What is a Mock Interview? Students who have never been employed practice interviewing for jobs in their field. Mock interviews can be organized by the school or be part of a student competition, such as SkillsUSA. Interviews can take place in person or virtually if needed. The student develops and presents a resume and is prepped to dress and respond professionally. The interviewer takes notes and provides feedback to the student on areas where they can improve their presentation in future interviews.

Who should conduct mock interviews? Service managers, human resource staff, and anyone else who interviews prospective employees for your business.

Why should employers participate?

There are several good reasons to assist with mock interviews:

• Gain access to students who may be interested in a career in your industry
• Students will respect what industry says more than their teachers and parents
• Opportunity to promote your business opportunities over others in the industry
• It reinforces the link between the school with your business
• Employers providing questions and grading are more realistic feedback for students and instructors and show what the industry values most
• Students may take career opportunities in our industry more seriously
• Businesses get to showcase their facilities and explain the variety of other job possibilities

Other Important tips:

• You can participate in mock interviews at your local school or offer to hold them at your business.
• You should expect a resume from each student
• Talk about all the career opportunities in your business
• Use typical interview questions
• Provide feedback to the student about their interviewing skills with student and teacher
• Take contact information of top candidates or share your contact information and encourage a follow up

Time commitment: 2 to 10 hours

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