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Connect Instructors with Training Resources

One of the challenges that instructors face is keeping up with changing automotive technology, so that they can keep their instruction up to date and keep pace with the work going on in your shop. Instructors in ASE accredited programs are required to complete at least 20 hours of technical update training each year to keep up. Some instructors struggle to find the time or local training opportunities, and this is where you can help.

Sponsor an instructor’s attendance at technical update training sessions – Wherever your technicians get their training, through a manufacturer, parts supplier, program group, or somewhere else, see if you can secure a complimentary seat for your local instructor, or pay for it yourself. This isn’t always possible due to the manufacturer’s need to prioritize dealer techs, but you don’t know until you ask. If you have training taking place in your shop, be sure to include your local instructors. This builds brand-affinity with instructors and lets them get to know your staff members.

Depending on the type and length of training, instructors may only be available in the evening, between semesters, or during the summer. There are opportunities to participate in multiple-day training if it is scheduled far enough in advance to secure a substitute teacher and approved by the school’s administration.

Offer a summer externship – Offer to have instructors work or job shadow in your business during break periods in their schedule. The exposure to current live work practices in your business are invaluable to instructors and provide even more insight to their students preparing for entry into the workforce.

On-line training modules for instructors and students – Just like instructor-led training, access to current online technical training is valuable. See if your manufacturer or training provider offers free access to instructors from ASE accredited programs; many do. In fact, many companies now offer schools the opportunity to provide students access to some OEM training. Online training for current students as well as instructors provides an increased value to your company and brand. Students can complete e-learning modules and earn factory training credit that increases their value to you as future workers.

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