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Sponsor an After-School Club

When you sponsor an After-School Automotive Club, run by students with instructor oversight, you enable enthusiastic students to engage in extracurricular automotive-related projects. These clubs are usually limited to students who meet minimum academic and attendance requirements. These students are traditionally highly motivated and practice important skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem solving, so they are some of your best prospects for future employees.

As a club sponsor, you and your business are ‘top of mind’ with students, providing your business front row access to students for shadowing, internships, and employees. This is not unlike when a business sponsors a Little League baseball club, however, this relationship is directly connected to your business.

What kinds of projects do after-school clubs tackle? Here are a few ideas:

• Car shows
• Restoration
• Customizing
• Vehicle multi-point inspection
• Project vehicle rebuild
• Donated vehicle repairs for raffle or donation to family in need
• Child safety seat demonstrations
• Car care clinic
• Fundraising
• Community service activities

How can your business help? Here are some different ways:

• Donate vehicles
• Donate parts and supplies
• Provide club t-shirts or sweatshirts, with club sponsors listed
• Allow your employees to attend club meetings when invited to provide technical pointers or help with advanced technical challenges
• Arrange to have completed project cars exhibited at your business, promoting the business/school partnership and highlighting the students’ achievements.

Here’s a few steps if you are interested in getting a club started…

• Begin with your goals and expectations in mind: what do you want to put into the project and what are the outcomes?
o The [your school’s name here] High School Auto Club will serve as:
o A positive after school activity for students
o An additional learning experience for students and teachers
o An opportunity for students to use the facilities and equipment outside of class
o A bridge between the school, students, teachers, and the community
o A positive example of the school, its students, and the community
o Discuss your idea(s) with the instructor and school administrator and request feedback
• Create a general outline that depicts the vision and goals of the club: members, membership criteria, projects, meeting times and frequency
Time commitment: 5 to 25 hours

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